Whether you require all of the services listed, some of them, or maybe only some video training, we will deliver a highly professional service, tailored to suit you.


Research is vital to ensure your video delivers the right message, to the right audience in the correct way. Taking some time early on to make sure you are on the right track results in a much more efficient shoot.


We can work with you to visualise how each part of the video should look, so that filming can be well-planned, focused & time efficient. Ensuring that you receive the best possible value from your investment in video.


Nervous about the idea of writing a script, you don’t need to be? We can help you construct a script that ensures your message effectively communicates what’s great about you, your product & service.


We can undertake all the logistics of filming in different locations, with a variety of interviewees, contributors, & with risk assessments carried out as necessary & according to budget.


We direct filming according to our agreed plan, capturing dynamic, creative & effective content. We are also mindful to support you, interviewees, other contributors feel comfortable on camera.


This is where your video really comes together. It’s here where we carefully craft the footage together with effects, animation, colour grading, audio mixing, & other post production processes.


We offer a range of animated graphics for your video. From simple but effective animation to emphasise important information & convey complicated concepts, up to the high end motion graphics & infomercials.


Aerial footage can add those awesome shots to your videos, taking the videos to another different level. We offer a fully qualified, highly experienced drone service that can capture those awesome shots.

Video Training

In our fast moving & constantly changing social media digital world, promotional videos are an ever present & increasingly important part of the marketing mix.

Wouldn’t it be great if one (or more) of your team could learn the skills that would take their self shot videos to the next level. Resulting in high quality content that you would be very proud to share.

We offer our training services to businesses, individuals, but also provide training through our Ace Reporters programme, which is aimed at communities and charities.

See below to explore further.

Video Training

Why choose us

Viewhear CIC are a professional, supportive & friendly team, providing an attentive service to ensure your story is told in the most dynamic, creative & effective way.

We work closely with you to fully understand your communication needs & carefully craft high quality videos that you will be proud to share.

Our experienced team cover all aspects of film making from planning & producing, filming, aerial, editing, animation & post production, we have the skills to work on a wide variety of projects, with many repeat clients.

We believe creating great videos shouldn’t just be the privilege of the professionals. We can give you the skills & confidence to achieve this with our media training offer. Why should we have all the fun.

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