Anybody can be an Ace Reporter. It’s all about Inclusivity. Everyones story deserves to be told and we believe it is far more powerful if the stories are told by those that live it. We particularly work with people who may have been alienated by society. People who just want to be included.


There are many reasons to take part in the Ace Reporter project:

  • Encouraging your creativity
  • Building your technical skills
  • Learn how to plan, research and produce
  • The opportunity to build social & team building skills
  • Growth in confidence, and self belief

Not only do our attendees get a boost in their confidence and self belief but they also learn valuable skills that could make them more employable.


The aim of the Ace Reporters project is to give young, vulnerable and alienated people the opportunity to learn skills that will enable them to produce high quality video content that they can call their own. Viewhear CIC draws on our years of experience to pass on the skills and tips that will take your videos to the next level. Using available technology plus our many years of professional experience we enable the Ace Reporters to become self sufficient creators & story tellers, creating their own dynamic, creative and effective stories. Viewhear CIC has delivered video production media training to various groups including: PMG (Plymouth Manufacturers Group), National Marine Aquarium, Rotary Video Club, SOPD Special Olympics Plymouth & District, Barefoot Youth organisation, and many others across the city of Plymouth. The training comes in modules and can be scaled up or down, and adapted to suit the clients requirements & specific needs. The training can be delivered to a group, a couple of people or even an individual.

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Video Training

In our fast moving & constantly changing social media digital world, promotional videos are an ever present & increasingly important part of the marketing mix.

Wouldn’t it be great if one (or more) of your team could learn the skills that would take their self shot videos to the next level. Resulting in high quality content that you would be very proud to share.

We offer our training services to businesses, individuals, but also provide training through our Ace Reporters programme, which is aimed at communities and charities.

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Video Training

Duncan Little
Duncan Little
October 30, 2017.
Excellent service. Viewhear has produced two films for me and they have been to an outstanding level of quality. I have also been impressed at the team's efficiency. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.
Sir Fix-a-lock
Sir Fix-a-lock
March 29, 2016.
Viewhear made the video for my company which I now proudly have on my home page as well as on YouTube. They advised me throughout the process and made sure my company was shown in a professional manner. The video has been spoken about positively by many of my customers who have seen it and I would not hesitate in recommending in both having a video and ensuring that Viewhear are the people who produce it.

Why choose us

Viewhear CIC are a professional, supportive & friendly team, providing an attentive service to ensure your story is told in the most dynamic, creative & effective way.

We work closely with you to fully understand your communication needs & carefully craft high quality videos that you will be proud to share.

Our experienced team cover all aspects of film making from planning & producing, filming, aerial, editing, animation & post production, we have the skills to work on a wide variety of projects, with many repeat clients.

We believe creating great videos shouldn’t just be the privilege of the professionals. We can give you the skills & confidence to achieve this with our media training offer. Why should we have all the fun.

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